13. Soaking up Africa: The Movie
A chance to do some soaking up of Africa presented itself: this trip was to leave us with an iconic image that still makes us smile today. Anna was ten […]
12. Anna, meet Africa
Anna had an unorthodox start in life. Rick and I had no idea about being parents. That isn’t unusual for first-time parents, but we lived a different sort of life. […]
11. “A man cannot fail to button his shirt”
Vivid in my mind are our families’ visits to Uganda. I recalled their faraway presence in faded watercolours and this vexed me deeply, but our holidays together left bright, tangible […]
10. A Small Victory and a Big One
Despite the tragedy of the Rwandan genocide on our doorstep, apart from the little things like boiling our drinking water (it came from the lake which was the final resting […]
9. Africa all around
We have the sky to ourselves. I peer out at the Rift Valley sprawled below, framed too neatly in my aeroplane window and watch the shadow of our light aircraft […]
8. The Special Drawer
  “Ah, this one. It goes in the Special Drawer”. My heart skipped a beat and I felt myself lose all colour. Miss Kabego, the receptionist, was referring to the […]
7. “I have escaped near death”
We had been burning the candle at both ends. This was starting to take its toll on both of us and there seemed no sign of a letup in the […]
6. Pitched Battle
Doc Gibbons and Dick were keen to welcome more sports medicine into their practice. One service they already offered was medical cover at sports events. Some years earlier a group […]
5. Tragedy in the Ring
I’m kneeling on the floor of my Kampala consulting room eye level with my friend’s groin. It’s not actually his groin that I am studying, but a rash at the […]
4. Paradox in the Pearl of Africa
If days were suitcases, those first ones in Kampala were stuffed with the paraphernalia of summer fun and bursting at the seams. We worked hard. We played sport every day. […]
3. In at the deep end.
I had side-stepped into a radiant world. Here there was sun every day – the perfect side of the sun; generous with a warmth that holds your face, massages your […]
2. The Journey
I woke with a bump, as the aeroplane touched down at Entebbe Airport. I was disorientated momentarily, then as I surfaced so did the butterflies. In a flash, I was […]
1. “This thief, we know him”
The traffic lights were blinking amber. Continuously. I sat there watching them and chewing on my fingernail. This was the only set of traffic lights in the entire country and […]
The New Girl
My blog is a memoir called The New Girl. It tells of my beginnings in the Zambian bush, born into a line of intrepid explorers. Most of my childhood, however, […]